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Associate professor of Organic Chemistry and DISCOBAC coordinator

Her interests lie in the fields of Bioorganic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology. In particular, she focuses on the development of structurally complex multivalent drugs derived from the conjugation of organic and/or metallo-organic molecules with either carbohydrates, steroid or oligonucleotides as potential non-conventional antitumor agents.

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Associate professor of Inorganic Chemistry and DISCOBAC coordinator

Her interests lie in the field of Bioinorganic Chemistry, especially in the design of multifunctional, group 8-11 metal compounds that can act as potential anticancer agents. She focuses on those chemical properties of metal compounds that could explain the role played by metal ions in the biological environment.

The team: Our Team

Gude & Royo's Lab


Full Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Tomás Cuenca supports our team with a strong background and knowledge in Organometallic and Coordination Chemistry.


Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry

Her current research interests focus on the design of bioconjugates based on steroids and oligonucleotides as active targeted anticancer drug delivery systems.


Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry

His research interests focus on the design of chemical compounds and bioactive ligands for novel anticancer therapies and tissue engineering.

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Distinguished Senior Researcher

Talento 1 CAM

Noelia's research interests are focused on the modification and assembly of carbon nanostructures to develop novel biosensors for the detection of biologically active molecules.

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Ph.D. student, Doctoral FPU MICINN Fellow

Her research aims to design new metal compounds with high binding affinities for G4-DNA as novel theragnostic anticancer agents.


Ph.D. student

Patricia's research is mainly focused on the design and synthesis of new potential antitumor organic and metallo-organic compounds, including the study of DNA-ligand interactions and biological activity.


Ph.D student, CAM-FPI Fellow

Ana is currently wotking on the design of new anticancer bioconjugates


Ph.D student, FPI-UAH Fellow


Research Assistant- CAM Garantía Juvenil Fellow

The team: Publications
The team: Publications
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Doctors and more from our lab

...and current positions

The team: Publications

Iriepa's Lab

Prof. Isabel Iriepa


Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry

My research interests focus on Computational, Synthetic, Medicinal and Supramolecular Chemistry.

Dr. Oscar M. Bautista Aguilera


Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry

Oscar's interests focus on Medicinal Chemistry, synthesis of small multitarget molecules and supramolecular chemistry.

Dr. María Teresa Quirós López

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Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry

Her research interests include the design of new and sustainable metal-catalyzed reactions and experimental and computational mechanistic studies.

Daniel Díez Iriepa


Ph.D. Student

My research interests focus on Synthetic, Medicinal and Computational Chemistry.

Lab Elena.jpg

Doctors from our lab

and their current positions

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