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Modelling and design of multi-targeted small molecules against cerebral's diseases

Iriepa's Lab: Research

We are interested in the design and synthesis of small library of multipotent molecules with a biological profile fit for the use in Alzheimer ́s disease (AD) therapy.
We employed a multi-target-directed-ligand strategy (MTDL), which involves adjoining different pharmacophores from various reference molecules in the same structure to obtain a hybrid molecule. This approach results in retention of specificity and pharmacological response of each of the individual adjoined pharmacophores, or, even better, generates a synergistic effect as a result of the combination of these two or more active components.

In addition, we search for new multipotent molecules with neuroprotective and antioxidant capacity for the treatment of both Alzheimer´s Disease and cerebral ischemia.

A especial interest is devoted to the development of photocages for drug encapsulation.

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